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Discover the Extraordinary: A $5 Million Houseboat in Santa Barbara Harbor

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Are you tired of living on land? Do you crave something truly unique and out of the ordinary? If so, we have a remarkable opportunity that might just be your dream come true. Nestled within the picturesque Santa Barbara Harbor, one of the four exclusive floating homes is now available for sale, presenting an unconventional and lavish lifestyle choice. Listed at $4.9 million, this exceptional wood-clad residence is a testament to ingenuity, craftsmanship, and distinctive design, this houseboat is unlike any other!

The Thomas Jefferson: A Floating Work of Art

This two-story marvel, affectionately known as the Thomas Jefferson, has a captivating story of creation. Over four years, a father-son duo, with one an engineer and the other a carpenter, meticulously crafted this one-of-a-kind houseboat. Their mission? To blend efficiency, storage, sustainability, and aesthetics seamlessly. The result is a stunning residence that provides a sense of real and perceived privacy while minimizing environmental impact.

Step inside, and you'll immediately notice the exquisite details. Quartered and rift white oak floors set the stage, complemented by a brilliantly engineered wooden staircase that cleverly conceals ample storage space. Throughout the interior, touches of burlwood, mahogany, and brass add to the sense of opulence. Carefully positioned tinted windows, coupled with a well-thought-out lighting scheme, ensure that life within this floating abode remains discreet and private.

Unique Layout and Features

The Thomas Jefferson offers a flexible living arrangement that can accommodate various lifestyles. It boasts two sleeping areas that share a beautifully designed bathroom. Downstairs, full-height glass sliders open up to a lounge or art studio space, just inches above the tranquil waters. Upstairs, a large porthole above the kitchen sink pays homage to classic maritime design.

In the bedroom area on the upper level, high-set windows provide privacy day and night, while a skylight over the shower floods the space with natural light. An inviting ladder leads to a hatch that grants access to the flat rooftop, delivering panoramic views of Santa Barbara Harbor, the Channel Islands, and the majestic La Cumbre Peak.

And for those moments when you return from paddleboarding or a surf session, the Thomas Jefferson features an outdoor shower for your convenience.

A Rare Opportunity

What makes the Thomas Jefferson truly extraordinary is its rarity. Among the four houseboats berthed in the Santa Barbara Harbor, it stands out as the largest and most unique. Municipal regulations prevent the addition of new houseboats to this serene harbor, making this offering an exceptionally exclusive opportunity.

If you're seeking a lifestyle that defies convention and embraces luxury, the Thomas Jefferson is your answer. Contact us today ((805) 455-9066 to explore the possibilities of owning this remarkable piece of floating real estate in Santa Barbara Harbor. Don't miss your chance to live on the water in a way that only a select few ever will.


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