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Inside Katy Perry’s Montecito estate & her fight to keep it

In a tale of glamorous estates and legal entanglements, Katy Perry's real estate journey in Montecito took an unexpected turn. Uncover the secrets and disputes surrounding the pop star's attempts to secure her dream property in one of California's most luxurious neighborhoods.

In October 2020, Katy Perry's $14.2 million hillside estate became the talk of the town, but few knew it wasn't her first choice. Court records reveal Perry's initial plan to acquire a $15 million estate closer to Montecito's trendy downtown area. What seemed like a straightforward transaction evolved into a three-year legal saga with twists and turns.

As wealthy individuals sought refuge in Montecito during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, real estate prices soared. Entrepreneurs like Carl Westcott, founder of 1-800-Flowers, joined the trend, purchasing a property near Oprah Winfrey's iconic complex. However, Westcott's quick decision to sell sparked a bidding war between Maria Shriver and Katy Perry, leading to a $15 million dispute.

Westcott, having second thoughts, considered canceling the deal due to various reasons, including capital gains taxes and personal concerns. Perry's countersuit revealed a clash of perspectives on Westcott's competence during the transaction, with claims of unsound mind countered by evidence of a well-managed sale process.

As the legal battle unfolds in a Los Angeles courtroom, the Montecito estate remains vacant, its title still in Westcott's name. Perry's legal history with real estate disputes involving nuns in 2014 adds another layer to this captivating narrative.

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